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Size Matters, the new Statue of Juno in Boston

This magnificent statue of Juno was recently rediscovered in the Boston area, and is now in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. It is on display oddly enough in the large arched ceilinged hall where the Egyptian Old Kingdom sculptures are.  While incongruous now, the wall label informs us that the statue will remain where she is, “as the star of our future gallery dedicated to the gods, goddesses and heroes of ancient Greece and Rome.”  It seems that the Egyptian collection is going to go into the new ground level galleries where already a good portion have been put, and this will become a gallery for classical sculptures.  Given the great effort made to install this sculpture here, they had to create a steel frame around the statue, and with a crane, lift it up and drop it through the skylight in order to put it in the gallery, I’m not surprised that here Juno will remain. The museum label proudly proclaims that this is the largest Classical sculpture in any museum in the […]

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Gallery is open!

Here is the building again, this evening, as I first took the brown paper off, and drew up the shade. And I had my first visitors a little after I took this shot, a very nice and attractive family from Williamstown visiting Hudson for the evening. They enjoyed the art, which is great, and the reason for having the gallery. A closer look showing the view into the gallery through the red door. And here is inside the door. I will have to reshoot this all during a bright day, the color is all off, but you get the idea, lots of sculpture, dramatic lighting, and display cases. Another view, different angle. View from the rear of the gallery looking towards the door. Here is a large oak and glass display cabinet I found, housing an assortment of antiquities from Chinese jades to pre-Columbian terracottas. It works very well, and keeps them out of harms way. And here is one of the displays I had made for the gallery, this one with archaic Chinese jades […]

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I am going to have a gallery again!

It has been awhile since I last contributed to my blog, one sort of loses steam after awhile. But big news, I am about to open a gallery, after many years of not having one and doing real estate here in Hudson. I have been thinking of getting back to art and making jewelry. After all, what gifts do I have which are unique to me; not selling houses, as good as I am at that. Every housewife got their license in the past few years, so being in real estate was hardly special. My knowledge of arcane areas of art and the jewelry I make are however special and rare, although perhaps not every ones taste. So I put my house on the market and someone came along who wanted it, and who owned a building on Hudson’s main street, Warren St., and who offered to trade it for my house. I immediately said yes, the building at 307 Warren is a charming two story building with a large open storefront with great windows, […]

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