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Chicest thing I saw last week

I saw this in the window of a jewelry store on Madison Avenue in the 70’s, between 77th and 78th St. I think it is called Edith Weber and Associates Jewelry. If I have it wrong, I apologize. I have always enjoyed their windows since they carry antique jewelry of great quality, sometimes with intaglios which are ancient or inspired by the antique. This pair of earrings caught my eye. What a conceit, magnificent large mine cut diamonds with gold covers in the shape of globes which themselves are beautiful, with engraving and even a little diamonds set in them. The covers were intended to hide the magnificent large diamonds, so that a lady could travel discreetly without attracting too much attention, and then when she arrived at her destination, pop off the covers to reveal them. How fabulous is that? Truly classy objects.

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