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Hudson Find

I was walking down Warren Street the other day and passing the windows of Rural Residence, and looked in the window and saw a framed watercolor that caught my eye. English or American, 1824, page from a Personal Journal.   Not usually my sort of thing as at first glance this appears sentimental, something about it grabs me. It is superbly well drawn and executed the flowers are identifiable, botanical in accuracy of depiction, the colors vibrant, and the penmanship of the poem is just beautiful. This anonymous page from a personal journal reaches across time to touch us now; there is something amazing about someone executing the exquisite watercolor and composing this poem for their own private pleasure, this was not distributed and who knows who may have ever seen it during the authors lifetime. The flowers are cut out and glued down on the fine paper the journal is on, so this is a sort of collage. I wonder if in fact the flowers come from a book or printed illustration of some […]

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Chicest things I saw this week

I think this will be a regular feature of my blog, selecting the piece, whether a work of art, jewelry or other object that most impressed me in the past week. Living in Hudson is great because of the window shopping, the quality of what is up here is often quit surprising and wonderful. There are more sophisticated dealers on Warren Street then I remember there being in the past and the level has gone up a lot. So have the prices, which some people who remember Hudson from the past complain about, but what they don’t mention is that the material on offer is so good, and with the advent of the Internet, everyone everywhere knows what everything is worth; there are no bargains anymore. Because the cost of maintaining a shop is so much less in Hudson, dealers do price their items better than they would in the city. So this week it is two modern pieces of furniture. Lucite and bronze coffee table by Pierre Giraudon, ca. 1970’s. window of GRIS, 614 […]

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Gallery shows in Hudson, NY

Since I live here, in Hudson, I thought I should make some mention of what is going on in the art scene in my own town. It actually has blossomed in the years I have lived here, with a number of quite good and interesting galleries now open. I will only mention a few here, with more to come in future posts. Tony Thompson painting at Carrie Haddad titled, Kensett, clearly meant to evoke or inspired by the wonderful paintings by the artist of that name, one of the leading practitioners of the Hudson River School. Tony Thompson is well known to those of us who live here in Hudson, he has been here for quite a few years now, so I follow his work partly as a friend, but also I actually like his paintings. He has very good technique, and here he employs it in an odd way, doing a double image, one right side up, the other upside down. Between the two is a heavy application of oil paint to forming a […]

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