Tom Swope Gallery deals in Antiquities from around the world; some Greek and Roman, Ancient Egyptian, pre-Columbian and Chinese Archaic jades and early Buddhist sculptures. While the range is broad, all the objects are carefully chosen for their beauty, authenticity, and all tell us about our common past.

Always interested in ancient art since being exposed to the Greek myths as a child, Swope then went on to Harvard College where he studied ancient art as a Fine Arts Major. After college, he worked for the distinguished antiquities dealer, Matthias Komor just before he retired in 1982 - 1984.  Shortly after that, Robert Miller, a major contemporary art gallerist who had a personal interest in ancient art, hired Swope to create an antiquities department in his gallery. There he was exposed to contemporary art collectors and artists such as Robert Mapplethorpe, Bruce Weber, Janet Fish, Philip Pearlstein, Jan Groover, Adam Fuss, and Louse Bourgeois, many of whom admired the antiquities he had brought into the gallery and photographed or incorporated them into their work.  It was through the contemporary art world that Swope met Asher Edelman, who then funded Daedalus Gallery, which opened just before the Gulf War of 1990. After the gallery folded in the recession that followed that first foray into Iraq, Swope dealt privately out of his home. After a move upstate and hiatus spent selling real estate in Hudson, Swope went back to dealing antiquities in Hudson, NY. Formerly focused on classical antiquities, that is art from ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt and the Near East, Swope broadened his scope to include pre-Columbian and Asian antiquities. The gallery currently shows a lot of early Chinese Buddhist sculpture from the 6th to 8th Century A.D., and archaic Chinese jades from the Neolithic period to the Han Dynasty.