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Berkshire Museum sale, a terrible idea

One of my favorite small museums up here has decided to eviscerate itself in order to fund itself, the Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield. On their website they say they are taking a “new direction”, what this really is a money grab, as the board and director cannot figure out how to raise funds to keep the place open. The plan is to sell 40 of their most important paintings and works of art, to raise money to fund their endowment and become more of an educational institution. I think this is a terrible idea. I love small regional museums, and the Berkshire Museum is a fine example. Housed in a handsome compact Beaux art brick building, it has a fine small collection of paintings including pieces by such luminaries such as Frederich Church, Norman Rockwell, an Alexander Calder, and many others.   Frederic Church’s, Valley of the Santa Ysabel, 1875 I was just in Pittsfield this past April and took the photo above, as it is a particularly beautiful Frederic Church painting. Unfortunately it is […]

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