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A Tale of Two Buddhas

This February I was I in Florida for a vacation and to go to an antiques show in Miami. There, with a dealer from Sarasota Florida I found two Buddha statues.  I was told they came from a Chinese family that had left China during the Cultural Revolution in the 1970’s and lived first in Long Island, and recently moved to Sarasota. They brought a number of things out of China with them, and these sculptures were among them. When I saw the Buddhas amongst antique European and American furniture and decorative pieces I did a double take, they were so out of context. But even so, I could tell they were real and bought them immediately.  It took a while to get them up to Hudson, they are large, and the mover who picked them up in Florida, only comes up to the New York area a few times a year. But get here they did after about a month, and fortunately, remained  intact.     When confronted with a piece in an unexpected […]

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