Archive | November, 2008

Gallery is open!

Here is the building again, this evening, as I first took the brown paper off, and drew up the shade. And I had my first visitors a little after I took this shot, a very nice and attractive family from Williamstown visiting Hudson for the evening. They enjoyed the art, which is great, and the reason for having the gallery. A closer look showing the view into the gallery through the red door. And here is inside the door. I will have to reshoot this all during a bright day, the color is all off, but you get the idea, lots of sculpture, dramatic lighting, and display cases. Another view, different angle. View from the rear of the gallery looking towards the door. Here is a large oak and glass display cabinet I found, housing an assortment of antiquities from Chinese jades to pre-Columbian terracottas. It works very well, and keeps them out of harms way. And here is one of the displays I had made for the gallery, this one with archaic Chinese jades […]

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