Archive | October, 2008

I am going to have a gallery again!

It has been awhile since I last contributed to my blog, one sort of loses steam after awhile. But big news, I am about to open a gallery, after many years of not having one and doing real estate here in Hudson. I have been thinking of getting back to art and making jewelry. After all, what gifts do I have which are unique to me; not selling houses, as good as I am at that. Every housewife got their license in the past few years, so being in real estate was hardly special. My knowledge of arcane areas of art and the jewelry I make are however special and rare, although perhaps not every ones taste. So I put my house on the market and someone came along who wanted it, and who owned a building on Hudson’s main street, Warren St., and who offered to trade it for my house. I immediately said yes, the building at 307 Warren is a charming two story building with a large open storefront with great windows, […]

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