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Chelsea, Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

I did my day in the city, going from the Vani exhibition at the new Institute for the Study of the Ancient World on East 84th Street, just West of Madison Avenue. Amazing new venue, and the show is quite enlightening. All excavated material, with the photos to prove it, objects that in another setting I would have been dubious of; here were incontrovertibly ancient. (see below) Then I went to Chelsea, and saw a few shows. Two stood out for me. These from the exhibition of Yinka Shonibare’s works at James Cohan Gallery. I learned about Shonibare first from a video installation at the same gallery from an exhibition of masks, and Shonibare’s work was an incredible video of masked dancers in 18th Century Court dress, but of a complexity and color never seen by me before. It was beautiful. So here I get to see his work close up, and the textiles are amazing. Strangely however, while these textiles are found in Africa, they were imported from Holland. I love Shonibare’s sense, very […]

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